UK-Based Content Coming to the Blog

We are constantly assessing and reassessing the way we do things here at ePN. From a communications perspective it’s important that we’re reaching our publishers throughout the world in an effective and meaningful way.

Today we’re announcing the addition of a new category to our English blog called “UK eBay Partner Network News.” The title is pretty self-explanatory and probably doesn’t require much discussion. Simply put, we’ll be using that category on our English blog to update our friends in the UK about things that are important and/or useful to them.

I will continue to be the voice behind most US-related content appearing here and elsewhere, but our stellar team in the EU will take the lead on creating these new posts under our UK category. Our hope is to better round out our communications to make our friends across the pond feel more included on this blog.

If there are topics you’d like to see our team cover as part of this new category, please leave a comment below with your suggestion and we’ll pass it along!