ePN TV Answers Your Questions

In a couple of weeks we’ll begin shooting the next season of ePN TV at eBay headquarters in San Jose. While we’re still finalizing our long list of topics and scheduling our interviewees, one certainty is that we want to hear from our publishers!

For the next couple of weeks we want to gather your questions from the web and pick as many as we can to answer in an upcoming episode of ePN TV. So, put your thinking caps on and leave your questions in the comment field below or send a tweet to @eBayPartnerNet and hashtag it using #ePNTV.

Obviously, there will be some caveats to this process. First, we have no idea how many questions we’ll get, but it stands to reason that we probably won’t be able to respond to every question via video (but we’ll do our best). Second, please keep the questions general and stay away from asking specifics about your account. Instead, direct those types of inquiries to our customer service team. Finally, we ask that you be as constructive as possible when presenting questions. Our goal is to helpfully answer as many of your thoughtful questions as possible and wording them in that spirit will elevate the experience for everyone involved.

Thanks for participating and we look forward to seeing your questions on an upcoming episode of ePN TV!