ePN TV: Emerging Trends at Affiliate Summit West

This past week the eBay Partner Network Team attended Affiliate Summit West at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Personally, I’ve been to this show five or six times and usually I come away with the same talking points from attendees: bigger payouts, best offers, highest conversions – you get the idea. This year I tried to stay away from the sales-y side of the event and instead immerse myself in the innovation of the conference. I was immediately struck by two themes that surfaced again and again: content monetization and changing social behaviors. I started digging into this a bit after BlogWorld LA, but the concepts were definitely fleshed out more at Affiliate Summit.

As much fun as we’ve had in Las Vegas, I think everyone on the team is excited to be back home and rested up. We’ve got a huge year planned for ePN and we’re thrilled to have had the opportunity to recharge our batteries and get inspired at Affiliate Summit. What did you take from ASW? We’d love to get your thoughts below.