Mobile Tech That’s Changing the Way We Shop

Here at ePN we talk a lot about the shifts happening in the way that consumers shop and pay. We’re always thinking about ways to integrate the behaviors and technology of tomorrow into our constantly evolving program. Last year you’ll remember that we made a big push around ePN Mobile. At eBay we believe that Mobile is the future and that preparing your business for that shift is imperative.

Evidence of that shift surfaced over at eBay Motors today with the release of their new mobile app. Highlights include:

  • New Search! See a car you like? Use Vehicle Finder to take a pic and find it on eBay – no typing needed
  • Win more stuff! Receive notifications for when you are outbid, items you are watching are ending and for Best Offer
  • Watch live eBay Motors broadcasts from events and races in the Videos section
  • Haven't uploaded a photo of your car to the Garage? Stock images for vehicles now show in the Garage
  • Share parts and vehicles you are buying or selling with friends and followers on Twitter (iOS 5 only)

My favorite part is that you can snap a picture of a car and it will find it for you on eBay. Pretty insane, right?

What sort of progress are you making on your mobile strategies? How do releases like this inspire you or cause you to rethink your current year-long planning? We’d love to get your comments below.