Event Driven SEO Tactics

As web site owners we're always looking for ways to get a competitive edge in search rankings. How we rank for relevant keywords can be a crucial driver of success. In that spirit, I saw an article on Deadspin about the Huffington Post and the Super Bowl. In short, the HuffPo created a post in the days leading up to last year's game titled "What Time Does the Superbowl Start?" For days before the game, when someone Googled "what time does the superbowl start?," it was the number one result (and still is). Genius actually.

This year the NFL has caught on and is scooping up the opportunity to grab that traffic with a page of their own that capitalizes on the phrase "what time is the super bowl." When Googling that phrase, the NFL owns the number one spot. Interestingly, the big winner in this whole bit of SEO one-upsmanship appears to be Deadspin.com. When you Google each of those phrases they rank in the top three results for each based on this story. Nicely played, Deadspin.

Although timely with the Super Bowl happening on Sunday, this article also demonstrates how web properties can capitalize on current events or internet memes to get a bit of extra SEO juice. While unlikely, if anyone cares to share a bit of their favorite above-board SEO tactics and strategies, we'd love to see them in the comments below.