Spread the Love with Valentine’s Day Promotions

The annual holiday reserved for lovebirds around the globe is right around the corner. Luckily for ePN affiliates, Valentine’s Day is also a gift-giving occasion, and beaus have already started scouring the web for the perfect gift for their special someone.

According to American Express, more than half of consumers plan to purchase Valentine's Day gifts. eBay is a destination for many V-Day shoppers; listings and bids for Valentine’s Day items began to surface as the soon as the new year arrived. Shopping activity really heats up during the two weeks leading up to the holiday, as coupled folks realize that ignoring the holiday may prove detrimental to the health of their relationship. Help keep your visitors out of the doghouse by incorporating Valentine’s Day items and promotions on your site, with the following tips.

For Her

Like it or not, jewelry and Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand. Score some low-commitment bling for her in the form of funky earrings or a sweet necklace. If you’re one of the millions of couples who will go from dating to engaged over the holiday, eBay offers a great range of diamond rings in a variety of prices and styles. Not quite there yet? Handbags, wine or a thoughtful book are safe selections.

For Him

Though it might not sound overly romantic, 13 percent of those in a relationship plan to purchase electronics like an iPad or a digital camera, according to the American Express survey. You could also consider snagging a fashionable fella a nice shirt or jacket for the office or the social scene. And don’t forget that guys like jewelry, too – try an attractive watch so he’ll have no excuse for showing up late for another date.

For The Kids

Crafts and games that you can enjoy as a family are great ways to get the little ones involved in the holiday. Stuffed animals like cuddly teddy bears are best for younger kids, while cartoon themed-favorites, like Hello Kitty jewelry for her, Spiderman action figures for him or Disney DVDs for all are good choices for elementary-aged children. Teens might prefer a tech gadget or accessory, like earbuds or an MP3 player.

Date Night

eBay is also a fantastic resource for couples looking to get out of the house and enjoy a night on the town. Gift cards for dinner, events and even flowers can be found, with prices usually well below retail.

Make sure to check out our gift guide for more hot Valentine’s Day items. Your visitors will love you for thinking of them, while you’ll love the additional revenue potential.  You can find a variety of creative assets in the ePN portal, including:

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Happy promoting!

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