eBay Category Changes Coming May 1st

If you’ve been part of the eBay fold for a period of time, you’re probably aware that from time to time we make changes to our category structure. We do this to make our shopping experience richer, easier and more rewarding for our eBay users, but we do understand that these changes affect your business. The upcoming changes could lead to a different set of results based on the same Category ID, so we want to encourage you to review these changes and decide if it makes sense for you to make updates to your category choices in links, tools, widgets, feeds and/or API calls.  These category changes will affect eBay’s US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland marketplaces.

You can see the complete list of category changes for the US/Canada HERE, for the UK/Ireland HERE, and for Germany/Austria/Switzerland HERE. Please take some time to review these changes, in particular for categories that have been merged or moved, and let us know if you have questions. Our goal is to help you work through this as smoothly as possible before these changes go live on May 1st.