ePN TV: Introducing Katrin Bischoff and Agnieszka Ambrozewicz

Last week we met Christian and Gianfranco from our Zurich Office. This week we continue our European introductions by welcoming Katrin Bischoff and Agnieszka Ambrozewicz to ePN TV.

“I like the diversity and the global aspects of my role, especially in the communications area - I feel there is lots to do,” says Ambrozewicz. “I enjoy working with our North American Team and making our strategy global, while at the same time ensuring that we focus on publisher needs in each ePN country so that our content is localized and relevant.”

Bischoff also embraces the diversity of working with such a vast global team:

“We’ve got loads of different nationalities within the global ePN Team, and I like thinking about projects globally then breaking them down to local needs.” Additionally, Bischoff says “Our publisher base has so many different kinds of businesses and each of them have their very own specialties and needs, and I find that fascinating how much that changes from business to business.”

With almost 10 years of combined eBay experience, Katrin and Agnieszka bring a wealth of knowledge to the eBay Partner Network Team and we’re thrilled to have them on ePN TV. Please feel free to ask them questions or share your thoughts in the comments below.