ePN TV: Ebony Tan Talks Mother's Day Promotions at eBay

This week ePN’s Saquib Pasha is chatting with Ebony Tan of the Seasonal Marketing Team about what eBay has going on to promote Mother’s Day. I’ll warn you in advance – there’s LOTS of cool stuff happening!

eBay has several social media programs that celebrate Mom and give your site visitors a chance to win great prizes. The promotions launched on April 18th and run until May 13th.

eBay is also hosting a Mother’s Day Twitter Party on May 1st. Join eBay employees, Mommy Bloggers and Twitter peeps to chat about Mother's Day Memories. Prizes will be awarded during the Twitter Party. You can find more information HERE.

Finally, eBay has reprised their beloved “Mom Jeans” duo in a new pitch to remind daughters and sons everywhere not to forget their moms this Mother’s Day.

Wow, I told you there was a lot going on this month for Mother’s Day! We hope you’ll get creative with your audience and share some of these cool promotions with them. Don’t forget, you can find the Mother’s Day landing page HERE and a specially curated “hot list” for Mom’s HERE.

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