ePN TV: Introducing Account Management Lead, Roger Limon

This week we’re excited to welcome another new member to our team here at eBay Partner Network. Roger comes to us from within the eBay family by way of Shopping.com. As Account Management Lead, Roger’s primary goal will be working with, and taking care of, our partners within the network.

“ePN is a world-class program where it makes it very easy for large publishers as well as small publishers to sign up and tap into the largest online marketplace in the world,” says Limon. “What initially caught my attention was this primary focus on quality. eBay and ePN aren’t just focused on this quick fix - get ‘em in get ‘em out quick sale mentality - it’s focused on this more long-term quality focus which I find very appealing.”

We want to welcome Roger to the team and wish him lots of success. We hope you’ll take a moment and leave a comment below to welcome Roger to ePN!

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