Is Copious the Next Trend in Shopping?

A couple of weeks back we did a blog post about the rise of Pinterest in the social media ecosystem. Today, I read an article about a startup called Copious that uses Pinterest, as well as Twitter and Facebook, to help users create a customized storefront that updates inventory dynamically based on your activity on social sites.

From the Reuters article:

The idea is to create a shopping experience based around people you follow and their actions, rather than around static categories of merchandise. Instead of browsing pre-set selections of shoes or sweaters, a visitor to Copious sees an ever-changing mix of items, based upon whatever the friends and bloggers they follow are sharing or commenting on at that moment.

The result is a shopping experience that’s constantly morphing, supposedly giving consumers a reason to come keep coming back.

Copious CEO, Jim Rose, put it this way: “Conversation is always ongoing. That’s why people go back to Facebook on a daily basis, but don’t necessarily go back to on a daily basis.”

We’ve seen startups like and have great success with flash-swap inventory, but this takes that concept to a whole new level based on the activity of a user’s social network. Is this type of social inventory crowdsourcing the logical evolution of online shopping? Have you thought about adding this type of dynamic inventory model to your websites? We’d love to get your feedback in the comments below.

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