Optimizing Your RSS Feed

For most users, generating a new RSS 2.0 feed link for your application is easy with the RSS Feed Generator on the ePN publisher portal.  Using your ePN Access credentials login to ePN portal, select Tools > Widgets > RSS Feed Generator.  The RSS Feed Generator will walk you through the steps required to generate your link.

  1. In the Affiliate Details section, select a program (e.g., eBay US), a Campaign Name or ID, and (optionally) a custom ID.
  2. In the Ad Content section, you are required to select at least one Keyword.  You may also (optionally) select a Category Name or ID, as well as specific keywords or categories to exclude from the search.
  3. (Optional) In the Advanced Search section, you can choose a sort order (we generally recommend Best Match), specific seller IDs, a price range, distance from a zip code, and specific types of listings such as Auction and Buy It now.
  4. Finally, click the Generate RSS Link button to get your RSS Feed URL and to see a preview of the results.

For more advanced users who want to further manually customize their RSS link, a list of additional filter criteria are available HERE.

For some additional information about using and optimizing keywords and other search criteria using RSS 2.0, which is based on the Finding API, check out these pages on the eBay Developers Program site:

Migration Guide for FindItemsAdvanced to Finding API findItemsAdvanced


Difference between the FindItemAdvance in Shopping vs Finding API


Finding API: User Guide


We will have some additional tips for optimizing your RSS 2.0 results in the next few weeks, so please stay tuned to the ePN Blog!