ePN TV: Christian Erhard Updates Us on ePN Mobile

You may remember that last fall we talked a lot of ePN Mobile here on the blog. The program had been in the works for a long time and it was a definitely a priority for eBay. In recent months we’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern with parts of the program and wanted to update you a bit on the status and what you can expect going forward.

We sat down with Chrstian Erhard, Head of ePN Partnerships in Europe, to talk about evolving user behavior, tracking mobile vs. classic ePN traffic and the current state of the app-to-web portion of our program.

Right now we believe that mobile is a huge opportunity at eBay Partner Network. We know that many of you have made mobile versions of your website available to your audience, and we hope that you’re reaping the rewards of that decision. In fact, we’d love to get your thoughts on that process and if you’ve seen a lift in business since you’ve launched your mobile sites. Please leave a comment below.