Please Take the ePN Publisher Survey

Feedback is so important to any business. It helps that organization understand what their customers and partners want and need in a successful relationship. And while we constantly read email, forum posts, Tweets and blog comments from our partners, they don’t always tell us the complete story the way a targeted survey can.

Today we’re announcing the release of our eBay Partner Network Publisher Survey. In an effort to get even more feedback from an even larger number of our publishers, we will be sending out the survey tomorrow, May 16th. If you receive an invitation email, we hope you’ll take the time to participate. Those that receive the survey will have until May 25th to respond. From there we will tally the results and get a better sense of what our partners feel is working well and what you think needs improvement within eBay Partner Network.

We hope that you’ll give this survey serious consideration when you receive it. Improving our network and building strong relationships is paramount to our success – both for ePN and for our partners.

Keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow for the survey and thank you in advance for your thoughtful participation. In the meantime, feel free to leave questions or comments below or email us at: Thank You!