ePN TV: Daily Deals RSS Feed – Now Customizable!

UPDATE 8/2/12: Over the last few days several of you have raised questions about how to add Campaign IDs to the Daily Deals RSS feed shown in the video above. There is currently no way today to do this. We are working with the Daily Deals Team to find a solution going forward and will report back as soon as we have more information.


Featuring Daily Deals on your site just got a lot easier! On this episode of ePN TV, Saquib Pasha sits down with Kelly Chrisman of the Daily Deals Team to talk about what’s new in their world. Kelly was excited to introduce a new categorization tool that allows publishers to customize the Daily Deals RSS feed to include only the categories pertinent to their site and customers.

Kelly demonstrated how to sort items by category in a few quick steps.

NOTE: The video incorrectly shows Kelly separating categories using a "&." Instead, you should use a "," to add multiple categories.

1. Visit the eBay Category Directory to identify the category codes of the items you’d like to feature.

2. Take note of the codes of the items you want to feature. In the video Kelly used:

Electronics: 293

Men’s Accessories: 4250

3. Then enter these onto the end of this url, http://www.ebay.com/electronics/feed?siteId=0&cids=

Add additional categories with “,”

To sort only by Electronics, enter


To sort by Electronics AND Men’s Accessories, enter


Hit enter, and your customized feed is generated. Pretty awesome, right?

As always, we want to hear from you – what other features would you like to see added? What other feedback do you have for the Daily Deals Team? Feel free to leave your comments below.