John Donahoe Discusses Q2 Earnings on CNBC

eBay CEO, John Donahoe, appeared on CNBC last week to discuss eBay’s strong Q2 earnings. Mobile, in particular, was credited with having a huge impact on revenue:

“We made a very big bet on mobile three or four years ago, and it’s really paying off,” he added. “These devices are becoming essential control systems of our lives.”

John later pointed out that over 90 million people have downloaded the eBay Mobile App and that eBay is expected to do over $10 billion of volume on its mobile apps this year.

Still not sold on mobile?

I wanted to share this piece for two reasons. First, I think it’s always helpful to understand the financial health of your business partners. After all, you put a lot of stock in your relationship with ePN and you want to be sure our company is in a strong place. Second, I wanted to emphasize the impact that mobile is having on revenue at eBay. Sure, in many cases John is talking about mobile apps, but it also means you should be thinking about whether or not your own site is optimized for mobile traffic.

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