Optimizing Email for Mobile

A month ago we wrote a post about ways you could be utilizing email to strengthen your business. Today, I want to continue that dialogue and take the discussion a bit further. Let’s say that you’ve acted on the recommendations outlined in our post – you’ve made email a priority and have hopefully started to see some gains. But wait - did you anticipate how many readers would be opening your emails on their mobile devices? Has it affected how they respond to your call-to-action?

Econsultancy published a study that shows that 15-20% of all email is opened on a mobile device. Is your email formatted to be mobile-friendly? What about any links contained in the email? The study further finds that 41% of all European smartphone owners would either close or delete an email not optimized for mobile.

Some other key takeaways from the study:

  • Apple’s operating system appears to be the easiest for marketers to work with, as iPhone emails scored above average across all criteria.
  • The report found that brands have also successfully tackled rendering, readability and clickability on Android, but struggle across the board on Blackberry.
  • Buttons on mobile emails, as with other mobile calls to action need to be large and obvious so users can easily click on them.
  • More often than not brands linked to non-mobile optimized sites that that took a long time to load.

You can read the full study over at Econsultancy’s Blog.

Obviously email continues to be an important tool in our marketing toolbox. With the rise of mobile it is becoming more nuanced and requires extra steps in strategy, planning and execution to ensure the most impact for your business.

Have you made mobile part of your email marketing plan? What percentage of your users open email on their mobile device? We’d love to get your thoughts and feedback in the comments below.