Best Practices for Using Pinterest

We wrote about Pinterest earlier this year and had a great discussion with Publishers about how they’re using it to grow their business. Today, I thought it would be a great time to continue that discussion by referencing Open Forum’s article about best practices when using Pinterest.

Target Your Ideal Audience

When pinning are you thinking like a user? Is your content useful or entertaining to your potential customers? Putting yourself in the mindset of your audience can help you more accurately target the right people for your business.

Avoid Looking Like a Sales Catalog

If you’re an ePN publisher try to avoid using stock images in you pins. Instead, try to find a way to tie a product into the personality of your brand. Not only will you be doing something unique within your vertical, but you could generate a sale simply by standing out.

Encourage People to Take Action

Putting time and effort into your content will make your community want to engage and share it. Compelling, useful content is a goldmine on social networks and gives your audience something to rally around.

Spotlight the Way Customers Use Products

Customers often want to imagine their purchases in real life scenarios. Highlight the ways that your readers could be utilizing their purchases. For example, if you’re a sneaker website, try to include photos of people wearing them in different social situations.

In Summary

Pinterest can be a huge source of new traffic for your business. With some effort and a little creativity, you could be harnessing the power of this growing social network. The article on Open Forum says it best: "When it comes to online marketing, your goals are simple: drive traffic back to your website, add people to your mailing list, and turn those visitors into buyers."

You can read the entire article over at Open Forum.

What do you think about Pinterest? Is it actually a source of traffic for you or just another social network that doesn’t add much value to your business? We’d love to get your feedback in the comments below.

NOTE: Please remember that it is against our terms of service to drive traffic directly to eBay from any social media account. Instead, the desired lead path is to migrate users from your social media channels to your website and complete the click to eBay from your domain. This approach not only keeps things within our TOS, it also has a better chance of building a long-term supporter of your brand.