eBay Mobile App Attracts the Most Shoppers

Techcrunch published an article earlier this week about the state of U.S. mobile shopping and we felt the results were worth sharing with our publishers. As mobile payments become easier and more integrated into the shopping experience, consumers continue to increase the time they spend shopping on their smartphones and other mobile devices.

According to a survey conducted in June 2012 among 5,000 iPhone and Android users in the U.S., Nielson found that 47% have used a native shopping app on their phones. Analysts further say that 45 million U.S. consumers have used shopping apps at an average rate of 17 times per month.

eBay topped the list of shopping apps with 13.2 million unique users followed by Amazon with 12.1 million. Groupon, Shopkick and LivingSocial rounded out the top 5.

Every indication points to continued and steady growth in the mobile sector, and while this article doesn't pertain to directly to eBay Partner Network, it continues to highlight the shift in the way consumers discover the web and shop for things on their mobile devices. What are you doing about harnessing the power of mobile for your business? We’d love to get your thoughts in the comments below.

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