Four Email Mistakes That Cause Users to Unsubscribe

We know that email marketing can be a highly effective tool when used correctly. But, as many of us can attest to, there are a variety of actions that a company can take that will send you running for the “unsubscribe” button. Over at the Econsultancy Blog, they’ve identified four of the most common offenses that a brand can commit when using email to market to their users:

1. Sending too many emails

Nothing irritates users more than useless clutter in their inbox. Instead, try to do more with less. Stick to compelling content that adds value with a strong call-to-action.

2. Not respecting preferences

If you offer your subscribers a choice of what types of content they would like to receive and how often, you better respect their wishes. Otherwise you risk alienating them, or worse – you risk making them angry.

3. Lack of perceived relevance

When someone signs up for your email list they have a certain expectation as to what they’ll receive. For example, if I sign up for a department store’s email list as a male and all I receive is information about women’s clothing, I’m not going to find that information very useful.

4. Inconsistency

Your email subscribers will come to expect a certain look and feel to your communications. Make sure you keep your visual and writing style consistent from mailing to mailing, and try to always send your messages from the same email address. This type of consistency will make your audience feel more comfortable with your brand.

You can read the entire article over at Econsultancy’s Blog.

What are some other mistakes that email marketers make? For me, I don’t like signing up for what promises to be an informational resource only to be constantly sold to. What are your email pet peeves? We’d love to get your feedback in the comments below.