Scare Up eBay Sales This Halloween

Treating yourself to increased earnings around Halloween doesn’t require tricks, just a focus on some of the hottest items of the spooktacular season. We began noticing an increase in Halloween-related searches on eBay mid-September, and expect sales to peak just before the holiday hits on October 31st.

So what can you do to ensure your visitors are howling with delight? We’ve conjured up some of the most spellbinding finds of Halloween 2012 to provide you with a little inspiration.

Classic Costumes

All the mummies, zombies, witches, vampires and ghosts come out to play on October 31st, when these common creatures swarm every school, party and front porch in the neighborhood.

Parents can find everything an aspiring superhero or princess needs to make a dramatic entrance on this holiday, or even garb suited for a mini Yoda or an Angry Bird.

Old habits die hard, and so the superhero and princess costumes just get bigger as time goes on, remaining a popular choice throughout adulthood. Pirates arrghh also a top choice, as are the body conscious morph suits of all shades.

In The Details 

Accessories can make a costume, adding a bit of pizzazz to an otherwise common costume. eBay has the heads and faces of trick-or-treaters covered with masks, makeup, wigs and hats for every sorcerer, cowboy and clown.

To get into the holiday spirit, don’t forget about décor fit for haunting a house. Skeletons, tombstones and other haunts can go from appropriately creepy when surrounded by fog machines to ready to boogie when lit by a festive disco ball or surrounded by edible monsters.

For those looking to be the life of the undead party, eBay is the go-to source for new and pre-owned costumes and props this Halloween. By getting into the spooky spirit through this seasonal event, you can help your visitors while generating some additional treats from ePN. Happy Halloween and happy promoting!