How the Election Affects eBay and eCommerce

With the 2012 election over, many of us have turned our attention away from politics and back to the things that affect us most in our everyday lives. However, who we elect in Washington does have an effect on how eBay conducts business and what you can expect in the near future for eCommerce.

Our friends over at the eBay Ink Blog have identified four specific areas we should be aware of post-election:

Internet Sales Tax

As it stands today, momentum for the internet sales tax bill still remains. Will the House use this as a revenue generator for state and local government or will it become a chess piece in the showdown over the year-end tax fight?

Financial Services Regulation

With Republicans in charge of the House, the likelihood for new financial services legislation is low. However, the Obama Administration's financial service regulators remain active and will probably continue to be over the next four years. While most agree that the financial services and payment worlds are changing rapidly, there isn't broad consensus on the right path forward.

First Sale and IP Rights:

This issue hits fairly close to home for eBay as the benchmark case, Wiley vs. Kirtsaeng (a former eBay seller) on First Sale rights, sits with the Supreme Court. In the meantime, intellectual property rights industries continue to maintain a strong presence on Capital Hill even though there is no consensus on how to move forward on internet-enabled piracy.

Privacy and Cyber Security

The trajectory of this issue remains largely unchanged since the election. Romney's plan would have favored less regulation, while Obama's Administration appears to have a strong plan for moving forward.


While some of these issues may not have any direct impact on your business, we believe it's important to keep our Partners up-to-date on our rapidly changing industry and how legislation may affect eBay. You can read the full article over at the eBay Ink Blog.

Do any of these things surprise you? We'd love to get your take in the comments below.