Monetising Mobile Phones with eBay

It’s hard to keep up with the latest mobile phone introductions, as a sharper, better, faster smartphone seems to be released daily. The good news for ePN publishers is that this means there is a constant stream of customers looking to upgrade to the latest handsets and sell their old ones.

When Apple’s iPhone 5 was announced last month we saw a 75 percent increase in iPhone 4S listings, with almost 4,000extra handsets listed after the launch. And from Sep 1 – 28, 2012,  more than 42k iPhone models were sold on, with an average price of £236* - that’s just under £10 million in sales!

These stats indicate that launches offer a great time to get in on the action, and we want to make sure you’re aware of some of the resources and tools that are available to help you make the most of the vast amount of products available on eBay.

The Mobile Phones & Communications Homepage

The Mobile Phones & Communication page is a great place to start when thinking of ways to integrate eBay inventory onto your site. A simple link created using the ePN Link Generator will take the user straight to a hub of products and information, which always features the latest devices at and provides quick access to the bestsellers list.

Product Based Experience Pages

Many of the latest handsets have dedicated experience pages, which feature helpful information to refine RSS, product and API feeds. These pages gather individual products from multiple sellers all under one roof and allow users to search products by New, Refurbished or Used.

These pages also include price trending information and detailed product descriptions (which are also included on the individual product pages), as well as eBay user reviews. A great example of one of these pages can be seen here.

Link Generator

The Link Generator allows you to place strategic links to selected eBay content. A number of link types can be used to target content, including links based on Item ID, eBay Product ID and Custom URL. More info on the link generator and what it’s capable of can be found here.

Custom Banner

The custom banner can be seamlessly blended into your site, and allows you to refine the products you want to show. This can easily be done by entering the Category Name or ID and selecting up to five keywords. You can also check out this post in which we talk about using custom banners with eBay Motors.

Product Feed/API

The product feed and Finding API are the most specialised of the ePN tools and are most suitable for sites that generate a large amount of traffic. These tools do require some development to integrate into your site, but they offer the deepest levels of search parameters. This may help shoppers find what they are looking for in fewer steps, which generally makes for better conversation rates. For more information on the finding API, check out “How to unlock the eBay ‘Product Based Experience’ with the API.”

The eBay Mobile Phones & Communication category is a real growth area and can be efficiently integrated into your website using some of these tools. Remember that in addition to new phones, you can also promote  “pre-owned” handsets to let your visitors know about the best deals.

Have you successfully used any of these tools? Feel free to share your stories and ask any questions you may have in the comments below.