Holiday Sales Continue - eBay Expects $815 Million in Unwanted Gifts

Christmas may be over, but eBay’s holiday shopping season continues! That red sweater just isn’t Aunt Susie’s style, and Cousin Tyler already has an iPod. Now it’s time to figure out what to do with those well-intended but unsuitable gifts that were exchanged around the Christmas tree.

Help is on the way! Selling an item on eBay provides a great opportunity to give unwanted gifts a new home, and sellers can put that money toward something that didn’t get crossed off their Christmas list. eBay expects $815 million in resold gifts this post-holiday season, and whether it’s ugly sweaters or duplicate electronics, new owners are waiting to scoop up some post-Christmas loot.

For affiliate partners, the post-holiday season offers a great opportunity to link shoppers to eBay’s global online marketplace, while you benefit from the traffic you send this way. There are many ways affiliate partners can use this trend to appeal to your audience. For example, eBay Instant Sale provides the most convenient way for Cousin Tyler to get immediate cash for his unwanted iPod or other electronics, while he can reinvest that money in another hot gadget.

By reminding your audience that they’re not stuck with a sleigh full of unwanted gifts and showing them the options they have for reselling unwanted gifts and buying new items that they’ll love, you have a timely and relevant opportunity to increase your earnings potential.