What Did People Search for in 2012? [VIDEO]

Understanding what people are searching for is one of the most powerful sets of data a marketer can possess. As an online presence, if you know what it is people want, you can not only tailor your business content, but influence how it ranks in search results.

Google has released Zeitgeist 2012 and it contains a variety of categories and regions from all over the world. Some of the global highlights for me included:

Consumer Electronics: 

  1. iPad 3
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3
  3. iPad Mini
  4. Nexus 7
  5. Galaxy Note 2

Trending Searches:

  1. Whitney Houston
  2. Gangnam Style
  3. Hurricane Sandy
  4. iPad 3
  5. Diablo 3

Trending Images:

  1. One Direction
  2. Selena Gomez
  3. iPhone 5
  4. Megan Fox
  5. Rihanna

Immediately I see a lot of great information in those lists about what’s on people’s minds and, in many cases, what they’re shopping for. You can see the full lists and breakdown by region over at the Zeitgeist page.

Finally, Google put together a great video that illustrates the things we’ve been most passionate about this year. I’ll grant you, the business impact may not be as great as the above lists, but hey, it’s the Holidays, shouldn’t we be allowed to enjoy some goodwill toward our fellow man? Enjoy.

What were the top 5 trends of your year? Did one global event have the most impact on your business this year? We’d love to get your take in the comments below.

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