Brian Marcus Makes New Year’s Predictions

One of the long-standing traditions of ringing in the New Year is the practice of making predictions about what’s to come. We see this often in business – sometimes based on wishful thinking, but mostly based on expertise and experience within a given space. This week Brian Marcus, Director of the Global eBay Partner Network, weighed in on a blog post by Geno Prussakov titled “Affiliate Marketing Predictions for 2013.”

Brian’s thoughts:

Consumer-focus / Omni-channel Marketing: Omni-channel marketing will break down channel silos at retailers. Advertisers will better understand how affiliate partners contribute across the customer journey. Affiliates will be recognized for their role beyond simply closing.

Value-based Pricing: Advertisers will get more creative in tuning their media pricing to the quality of their traffic. Conventional “% of sale” media pricing will give way to more creative hybrid pricing models incorporating consumer lifetime value and KPIs into media spend.

“Smart” Tools: Proliferation of monetization tools for smaller publishers will emerge across networks. Better tools will incorporate sophisticated targeting algorithms and “network wisdom.” More rocket science than ever before.

You can read the entire set of predictions from industry veterans like; Shawn Collins, Jason Spievak, Lisa Picarille, Todd Crawford and, of course, Geno Prussakov HERE.

Do these observations resonate with you? If not, what are your predictions for 2013 in the affiliate marketing space? We’d love to get your insight in the comments below.

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