Questions for the ePN Team? Submit Them Now for ePN TV!

In a few weeks we’ll begin shooting the next season of ePN TV at eBay’s new Seattle office. As you know we have a spirited new team in place and they’d like to know what’s on your mind in regards to eBay Partner Network.

For the next couple of weeks we’ll be gathering your questions from the web in the hopes that we can answer them on an upcoming episode of ePN TV. You can leave your questions in the comment section below or send a tweet to @eBayPartnerNet and hashtag it using #ePNTV.

Like we’ve requested in the past, we ask that you please keep your questions general and stay away from asking specifics about your account. If you do have an account related inquiry, please direct those to our customer service team. Additionally, we ask that you be as constructive as possible when presenting questions. The goal here is for us to provide helpful answers about the program and your questions set the tone for that process.

The deadline for questions for this round of shows will be Tuesday, February 5th. We look forward to hearing from you on the blog and on Twitter!

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