eBay Research Identifies Untapped Shopper Segments

Research Following our analysis of buyer behaviour on eBay.co.uk over the Christmas period at the end of Q4 2012, we’ve identified two types of shopping trends worth getting on your radar.

The first is the ‘selfish shopper’. The selfish shopper is someone who switches from buying gifts for friends and family to buying treats for themselves during the festive period. It has emerged that the window for selfish shopping opens on Christmas Eve, with over 79 million unique shoppers visiting eBay.co.uk between 24-31 December last year, including a staggering 6.9 million unique users visiting the site on Christmas Day. On Christmas Day, shoppers conducted over 2 million searches and made 525,598 purchases, including 392 cars!

The second shopper is the ‘luxury purchaser’. Like the selfish shopper, these are people looking to buy high end goods for themselves, but unlike the selfish shopper they may not be looking for a bargain. On Christmas Eve 2012, searches for luxury items increased by 345% on eBay.co.uk.

Contrary to popular belief of a frugal January, eBay.co.uk shoppers in January 2012 did not slow down on their spending, with 63,100 ‘luxury’ and nearly half a million ‘designer’ searches for goods. These searches amounted to over 3,000 sales of handbags over £150 and over 3,300 sales of watches over the £300 price point, and the same trend appears to be emerging in 2013.

When planning for your Christmas 2013 and January 2014 campaigns, it’s worth bearing these two trends in mind and making sure you’re optimising your content to attract these lucrative opportunities.

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