ePN Team Contributions on the Blog

ePNTeamLightbulb565 One of the biggest benefits of having a strong team here at eBay Partner Network is being able to harness the knowledge and experience they bring to the table from their collective years in the internet marketing industry. I'm excited to announce that within the next few days you'll start to see some of that wisdom spill over onto this blog. Each department within ePN has committed to writing posts on a regular basis that directly draw from their area of expertise.

As we roll out this new content, we hope you'll take the time to engage with each author - ask questions, provide feedback and tell them what else you'd like them to cover. This will help us better address the ongoing needs of the ePN community.

The first post will be from our Head of Operations, Mike Lill, followed by a post early next week from our Head of Publisher Development, John Toskey.

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