Never Too Early to Splurge on Summer!

SummrBeach We’ve reached that point in winter when a lot of parka-wearing, snow-shoveling, flu-fallen people are planning for … summer. It’s a funny thing about shopping for the different seasons: We can easily wait until a blizzard hits before we go out and buy those snow boots we knew we needed months ago. But give us a sunny day in February and we’re already planning our June, July and August wardrobes.

Yes, summer is still a long way away in most of the country, and no, it is not too early to start showcasing summer fashion. Slick magazines and blogs alike have already identified some of the biggest trends for summer 2013, from sheer swimwear and denim shorts to … who knew? … white eyeliner. Within just a few weeks, retailers will have their spring and summer collections on display, although fashion-forward, internet-savvy bargain hunters are not inclined to wait to see what stores are showing.

After all, nothing beats those late-February blues like dreaming of longer days and fun in the sun … and preparing with purchases of things like beach totes, and sandals. Unlike the back-to-school shopping season, which is more about needs than wants; or the holiday shopping season, when we tend to buy for others before we think of ourselves; summer is a season that inspires shopping for fun. We plan long and hard for that summer vacation, right down to the fluffy new beach towel. We even imagine our summer days in the office working passing easily as we sport our new summer work attire.

So if you want to inspire shoppers during the dark and chilly weeks when the trees are still bare, think swimwear instead of snow gear, sun hats instead of rain hats and flip flops instead of fleece.