ePN TV: John Toskey Discusses Recent Policy Changes


Over the last couple of months you’ve probably heard about some significant changes happening at eBay Partner Network in regards to existing policies around mobile, social and domain validation. This week, Tien Huang, sits down with our Head of Publisher Development, John Toskey, to discuss those changes in a bit more depth.

In addition, John is excited about how things have unfolded over his first few months on the job:

“There’s been a lot of changes at eBay in the last four months... My second week we completely redesigned and rebranded the site,” says Toskey. “Besides being a lot more fun to shop, our site conversions are up. We had a really banner Q4 with sales and I think publishers benefit from all of those.”

If you have questions or comments for John, please leave them below. Additionally, we’d love to get your feedback on the recent policy changes and how they’ve affected your business.