Making the Most of the Domain Validation Policy Change


One of the most exciting policy changes that we’ve made in 2013 is the removal of domain validation. This requirement had been in place to ensure that a publisher owned the domain that hosted an EPN tracking link, ideally ensuring a higher quality network. But there are unintended consequences to this policy, which have kept our publishers from promoting eBay through a variety of ways that may have at one point been considered “emerging,” but that I think we can all agree are a mainstream part of our lives. Here are some ways you can now promote eBay that maybe you haven’t considered in the past:

  • Many of our publishers have promoted eBay via social media, but until now, links posted on sites like Facebook and Twitter needed to pass through your registered domain before the user could actually click on an eBay tracking link. Replacing your links with EPN links should result in less fall-off and greater overall traffic to eBay, meaning greater earnings for you! Please note that in 2015 we updated the list of approved URL shortening services to those offered by: Stumble Upon, Twitter and Google. Using any other URL shorteners will result in your traffic being invalidated.
  • Some of our larger publishers like to use third-party ad servers for a number of reasons, including being able to better target impressions and not having to dedicate specific site inventory to a single advertiser like eBay. But because of the recent policy change, our partners can now utilize these services and include eBay links and banners in site inventory that they previously had not due to our policy.
  • Perhaps most exciting though, is that those partners who utilize blog platforms (Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, etc.) can now promote eBay! Not all publishers can or want to own a domain and/or write code and this change allows partners who create content through these third-party sites to easily monetize their efforts.

eBay Partner Network wants to encourage you to promote your links in these channels, but please keep in mind that different web sites have specific policies about posting content, and that you must still abide by the program Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.