My Mama Told Me, You Better Shop Around

MothersDay She’s known for her kind heart and healing hugs, and her ability to be a caretaker, maid, chauffeur and chef all in one. We’re certain she has eyes in the back of her head and an uncanny superpower that allows her to carry five grocery bags and two infants up a flight of stairs. She’s none other than the one we fondly call “Mom.”

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the globe in a variety of ways, and falls on May 12th in the United States this year. It’s typical nearly everywhere for young children to present their mother with homemade gifts, while grown children (and husbands!) are more likely to turn to purchased gifts, flowers or a nice meal.

No matter how you celebrate, now’s the time to remind your visitors to remember mother dearest on her special day (not that anyone could forget her). Check out the gift ideas below to get the creative gift-giving juices flowing.

The gift of relaxation

What better way to show the woman who does it all just how much you appreciate her than by bringing the spa to her? Help mom unwind  after she puts in a long day at work and at home by pampering her with an at-home massage, a manicure or a facial. For extra brownie points, complete the package with a monogrammed robe and some gourmet tea. After all, you just can’t put a price on peace and quiet, and you certainly can’t buy it — or can you?

The gift of good health

She works hard to take care of everyone around her, so this Mother’s Day show Mom that her health is paramount by giving her gifts that will put a spring in her step and boost her energy. While traditional household appliances may not be at the top of her list, a juicer is one appliance that will give mom a loving shot of vitamins anytime she needs them. Not the juicing type? How about some stylish new workout duds  or a yoga DVD? Or for the mom who needs a little extra jolt, a Keurig machine could be just what the doctor ordered.

The gift of memories

Everyone knows Mom is the biggest shutterbug around, skillfully capturing her family’s proudest moments from baby’s first steps to graduation and beyond. Why not give her a brand new video camera to ensure she doesn’t miss a beat of life’s best moments, or some digital editing software so mom can put her own creative spin on her pics. For the more creative gift-giver, a custom photo on stretched canvas takes any snapshot from ordinary to art-worthy. Or better yet, help mom create new memories by springing for a well-deserved getaway.

Help your customers honor the special lady who birthed, raised and loves them by promoting Mother’s Day items in the days leading up to the holiday. Why? Because we said so (the greatest mom-ism ever).