New Pricing to Be Announced at eBay Partner Network

ebayMobile As you know, eBay recently announced and outlined a strategic vision for the future, and we at eBay Partner Network are excited about the company’s new goals and direction. As eBay focuses on providing better customer experiences and attracting new users, eBay Partner Network is adapting to align with these company-wide initiatives.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will be making changes to our pricing structure.

One of our most important priorities moving forward is to attract new and infrequent buyers to our site, and it will be these types of users who will be receiving the highest weight, in terms of publisher compensation. In turn, less weight will be given to other types of traffic that drive existing frequent buyers to eBay.

We will continue to provide information about the pricing changes as they are made over the next few months, including what it means to individual publishers and how current publishers can optimize for any upcoming changes.

We know that many of you will have questions about these changes and we want to address them as quickly and as thoughtfully as possible. We ask that you post your questions below in the spirit of moving the discussion forward and helping the community get the information they need.