Tips for Getting Great Customer Service from eBay Partner Network

HotelBell565 As an eBay Partner Network publisher, at some point you may need to reach out to Customer Support. There are many reasons publishers contact us – for payment/tax or reporting questions, to report bugs or other Product issues, for password/login issues, or for application appeals - to name a few. We hope this article will clarify when and how to contact us for particular issues.

As many of you know, there are two ways to contact ePN Customer Support – either via one of our five language-specific email addresses (,,,,, or via our Contact Us form found on our website (ePN homepage > Help > Contact Us). If submitting your question via web form, please remember to choose an applicable Case Reason from the drop-down menu.

Given the number of topics we do support, it may be easier to list the few we do not support:

  • API - The eBay APIs are maintained by eBay Marketplace, not the eBay Partner Network. The eBay Partner Network explicitly provides APIs for retrieving reports and data feeds. For more information on this, please see Downloading reports using the API in our User Manual. However, for API support, please visit:
  • eBay Buyer/Seller Questions – Although eBay Partner Network is an eBay entity, we do not provide support for general eBay inquiries. These should be directed here. By contrast, ePN Customer Support provides service specifically related to our publishers and prospective publishers.
  • Website Development/Third-Party Applications – ePN does not provide support for website development and/or third-party tools you choose to use. Your website, tools, and methods you use to promote eBay are your responsibility, so please always ensure that your conduct is in sync with ePN's rules. If you need clarification on any of our policies, we would be happy to answer these questions via Customer Support.
  • Legal Advice – Unfortunately, if you have a question about taxes, trademarks, or any other legal question, ePN is unable to provide legal advice to you. We can only, in some cases, relay information that is publicly available, for example by referring you to the IRS website to help answer tax questions. For all other questions, we encourage you to reach out to a legal professional.

For ePN inquiries not listed above, feel free to reach out to our Customer Support team. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible in your initial contact, including answering the following questions (as appropriate): what is your issue? What domains (URLs) are affected? What browsers are affected? What Operating System do you use? What is the expected behavior versus the actual behavior you are seeing? Also, where possible, please provide any screenshots depicting the issue. Of course, these questions may not all be relevant to your issue – pick and choose as they apply.

We also welcome inquiries to appeal an application rejection or Network Quality decision. If you have been contacted by our NQ team directly, feel free to reply to them with your questions or concerns. For all other communication, please reach out to Customer Support via the aforementioned channels. We also encourage you to review our Network Agreement, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy and User Manual for self-help opportunities.

Once you have written to us, you can typically expect a response within 48 hours. Please note that Product inquiries may take longer to resolve than simpler issues like password or login issues. Regardless, we will keep you updated on your case. If you do not hear from us soon after our initial response, it does not mean we have forgotten about you! We simply need a bit longer to investigate and resolve your issue. As always, you can write in to check on the status of your case, or if you have further questions once your case has been resolved.

In the last year we have made big strides in improving CS efficiency, including migrating all of our CS processes to the Salesforce platform. Going forward, the ePN Operations team will continue to work hard to streamline our Customer Support processes, and make our self-help sections as robust as possible. In fact, one of our goals this year is to improve both the content and design of our User Manual.

We hope this information was helpful. The eBay Partner Network Customer Support team is here to assist you – no matter how small your question or issue may seem. We are working to improve our systems and processes to serve you in the most efficient way possible, and welcome your comments and suggestions. Please either leave them in the Comments box below, or feel free to write to us!