10 Reasons Your Facebook Page Isn’t Taking Off

SocialMediaLike Now that the world of social media has opened up to ePN Publishers, we thought it might be helpful to provide some tips to get your Facebook empire off the ground! The good folks over at Open Forum have put together a list of 10 things you may, or may not, be doing with your Facebook Page:

1.    Asking questions that are too broad or personal

Asking for participation is important, but don’t make it too difficult for your readers to contribute. Make sure your question is easy to understand and that it’s proportionate to your audience’s relationship to your business.

2.    The tone is uninspiring

Don’t approach your social media content the same way you would a white paper. Sure, keep it professional, but also try to make it conversational and inspiring. It’s always nice to share some personal anecdotes to highlight the human side of your business.

3.    Every post is pure text

Sharing photos or short video clips is the easiest way to add visual pop to your Facebook Page. It breaks up the monotony of text and is an incredibly simple way to add new content with very little effort.

4.    There’s too much focus on selling

Obviously your business exists to make money, but using Facebook solely as a sales channel can be off-putting to your followers. Try to balance the sales posts with fun content that connects with your customers.

5.    You only talk about your business

When customers connect with you on Facebook they expect news, tips, photos and other unique content that’s not available on your website. Think big picture when posting.

6.    The message isn’t in sync with your audience or business

Do your posts serve the interests of your customers and your business? If it’s not helpful, educational or funny, it might be best to skip it.

7.    You’re not responding

There’s nothing worse than asking your brand cheerleaders to engage with your content, then leave them twisting in the wind without replying to the very comments you asked them to provide. If you don’t let your community know they’re appreciated, they won’t continue to post for very long.

8.    Your page has an identity crisis

Make sure your fans know what they can expect on your page. Work off an editorial calendar and try to strike a consistent cadence of new content.

9.    You’re not offering anything

One of the biggest reasons people connect with brands on social media is for the perks. Make them feel special by offering them exclusive contests, deals and insider info.

10.  You give up too easily

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Throwing up a Facebook page doesn’t mean that the masses will automatically flock to it. Patience and perseverance is the name of the game.

I’ve described these examples in my own words, but you can find the full list over at Open Forum.

How are you using Facebook to engage your customers? Can you share any insight that might help other publishers be successful using social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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