New Transaction Report Live on June 12th

Category Changes A couple of months back we announced that a natural evolution of our pricing was coming in the near future. We also committed to providing new visibility and insight to help publishers meet the new goals set forth within the program. To that end, we’re excited to announce what we believe will be a powerful tool: a more detailed Transaction Report.

What does it mean for publishers?

One of the common themes we heard from partners over the last few weeks was their inability to identify whether a buyer was infrequent, frequent or new. With this updated Transaction Report, publishers will be able to see information about the types of users they refer to eBay as they will be separated into one of three distinct categories:

(1) User has not bought something within the last year (2) Buys items with low frequency (3) Buys items with high frequency

In the existing Transaction Report, there are two fields that have previously not been used. This first "Not Used" field will now be used as "User Frequency ID" and have a value of 1, 2, 3 or blank depending on the user criteria outlined above. For transactions that are event type "Winning Bid (Revenue)", the report will display 1-3. It will be blank for all other event types. All publishers will see this field regardless of program or payment structure.

Once publishers have this information, we’re confident they’ll be able to use other report data to experiment with different campaigns, Custom IDs, tools and widgets in order to compare which types of referrals drive new and infrequent buyers vs. frequent buyers. This information will be important in determining the optimal way to drive traffic to eBay.

Please note: Publishers that automatically import the Transaction Report should check to make sure the renamed column "User Frequency ID" does not interfere with their scripts. There was no data in this field previously.

Finally, we know that there may be some confusion between ACRU or CRU events and User Frequency. For now, ACRUs and CRUs are still used for payment for a small subset of publishers. We are leaving these items in the report as separate rows with event type "ACRU" or "CRU" for use by these publishers. These rows will have a blank User Frequency ID. Everyone else should use the new User Frequency ID field as it provides greater insight.

This report will be released on June 12th and we hope you’ll take advantage of the new information and insight it will provide about the makeup of your customers. Please note that the Transaction Report will not retroactively populate user frequency data before June. Questions? Leave them in the comments below.