ePN TV: Introducing Michael Lee, Program Optimization Manager

Mike_Lee This week we’re excited to unveil the new season of ePN TV by introducing Program Optimization Manager, Michael Lee. Mike joined our team earlier this year after a four-year stint on the Paid Search Team in San Jose. Before that, he was a Business Analyst at eBay Australia. In his current role, Mike focuses on two distinct, but integral parts of the business. The first part is centered around eBay’s vertical channels:

“It’s really about bringing the best deals from our vertical teams to our publishers,” says Lee. “So, working with them on all the cool promotions that they’re coming up with – bringing the best deals and most discounted inventory to our publishers through newsletters and other forms of communication.”

The second facet of Mike’s role is built around testing new concepts on eBay Partner Network - even if he’s unsure of the likelihood of success:

“We’re trying to look at new things that could work on ePN – we’re not sure whether they will work or not – and trying to test our way into that.”

Mike notes that two of the areas he’s currently looking at is the incrementality of coupons as well as the growing impact of mobile.

We’re excited to have Mike as part of our team and we hope you’ll extend him a warm welcome in the comments below.