eBay Canada, The Great White North

Canada_Keyboard Oh Canada! eBay Canada is thrilled to announce the launch of its new eBay Deals program. If you promote inventory from the Deals program in the U.S., then be sure to check out the program at http://deals.ebay.ca in Canada, where you'll find some of the same great inventory at awesome prices from some of eBay’s top sellers.

Did you know that almost 8 million Canadians visit eBay every month?* eBay is the mobile commerce leader in Canada and Canadians are embracing it in a big way – shopping anytime, anywhere the inspiration strikes. eBay Canada continues to redefine what shopping means for Canadians by forging relationships with brands and retailers to target new customer segments, tailor their assortment strategy and complement their other retail channels.

Are you a U.S. publisher with a presence in Canada? Expanding is easy! Apply for the eBay Canada program and start driving traffic to eBay.ca domains like http://deals.ebay.ca/.   If you would like to automate refreshed deals for eBay Canada Deals, you can access the feed here. Please note, you’ll need to affiliatize the feed before you start using it.

Tip: Also consider enabling geo-targeting when using the Link Generator to capture all approved programs. Geo-targeted links identify the location of the user and directs them to a specific destination or landing page based on that location.

Questions? Feel free to leave them in the comments  below and we’ll do our best to get them answered for you!

*Data retrieved from comScore: 7.9 million May 2013