eBay Continues to Evolve the Customer Shopping Experience

Man holding tablet computer in cafe. Close up A new way to shop on eBay has arrived. eBay is introducing a new series of features designed to evolve the shopping experience for our customers and for the world. We wanted our publishers to be well informed of these changes.

We have created new ways to find inspiration and a more immersive way to explore the eBay marketplace. The enhancements offer a new paradigm in commerce. They don’t merely make eBay simpler and more intuitive; they elevate our customers’ experience with the world’s largest marketplace from search to discovery. This means shopping for the things we need and love no longer starts with “how do I find…?” but rather “how did they know I needed…?”

With the introduction of eBay’s feed earlier this year, we created a tailored shopping experience that’s completely controlled and customized by eBay users. Items are pulled from our global selection of more than 400 million listings, based on the interests a user chooses. We’re evolving that personalized shopping experience by introducing new features including:

  • Collections—groups of products that have been handpicked from eBay’s more than 450 million products by expert curators, eBay members, and sellers
  • Curators—top trendsetters across a variety of interest areas, who create beautiful collections on eBay to help easily connect shoppers with items they’ll love
  • Follow—a simple, one-click way for users to personalize their feed by following the collections, curators, eBay members, and interests that inspire them
  • Profiles—a customizable page for members to share information about themselves, the collections they’ve created, and the interests, collections, and people they follow
  • eBay Today—a new page on eBay that helps shoppers easily discover the very best collections of items on eBay, selected daily by our Chief Curator

These features have been specifically designed to enhance and inspire the eBay shopping experience, helping shoppers explore and discover products they’re passionate about on eBay every day. The more people or collections of products a user chooses to follow, the more personal and dynamic their feed becomes.

Publishers on ePN can also create their own collections and direct users to the more relevant, fun and engaging experience. As users transition from search mode to discovery, the more compelling your collection is, the higher the chances will be that users will discover something that they love through your collection.

We encourage you to try out the new eBay experience and start creating your own collections to appeal to your users today.