New Insight into User Frequency Values

123 We added two new values to the Transaction Download Report in June that allow partners to identify the type of eBay buyers they are attracting and also see the earnings for each transaction. These new values are called “User Frequency ID” and “Earnings”.

“User Frequency ID” (previously an unused field) gives insight into three types of eBay users:


Users who haven’t bought anything from eBay in the past 12 months (new and reactivated)
  2. Users who buy on eBay infrequently
  3. Users who buy on eBay frequently

In rows where the field “Event Types” displayed “Winning Bid (Revenue)”, the “User Frequency ID” field now displays a 1, 2, or 3, corresponding to the three categories above. In rows where the field “Event Types” displayed something other than “Winning Bid (Revenue)”, the “User Frequency ID” field shows as blank.

“Earnings” (previously an unused field) shows publisher earnings for each transaction.

User frequency is not related to CRU (Confirmed Registered User) or ACRU (Active Confirmed Registered User). CRUs and ACRUs are generated when a new user creates an account at eBay, but type 1 user will have made a Winning Bid or BIN.

Why is this important? As we messaged back in April, driving new, reactivated and infrequent users (types 1 and 2) is very valuable to eBay. Under our new pricing model, partners are rewarded a 200% earnings bonus for transactions from users identified as type 1, on top of their base earnings. For example, while a more frequent eBay customer may generate $10 in publisher earnings for a purchase, a type 1 will generate 3X that amount, or $30 in publisher earnings.

Many of our partners have asked why we’ve distinguished infrequent versus frequent users. Providing partners with this metric gives insight into segments of traffic they are driving, and in the future, ePN may provide additional incentives for infrequent users. Having deep historical data will help partners make the most of such an opportunity.