Increase Your Earnings in the U.S. and Canada with our Holiday Promotion


Even though temperatures are getting cooler outside, deals and events at eBay are beginning to heat up for the Holiday retail season. We are happy to announce that we will be hosting a Holiday bonus promotion for the eBay US and eBay CA programs this year.

Starting November 20th you can earn a 20% bonus of eligible Winning Bid Revenue (WBR) by driving additional sales during Nov 20th - Dec 31st compared to the period of Oct 9th - Nov 19th.

Holiday Bonus Promotion Qualifications:

  • Eligibility:  Increase your WBR* by 25% between the period of Oct 9th – Nov 19th  (Timeframe 1) and the period of Nov 20th – December 31st  (Timeframe 2)  to be eligible for the bonus
  • Bonus: Receive 20% of additional WBR you drive during Timeframe 2
  • All items in eBay US and eBay CA programs are eligible

* You can find your WBR in the Transaction Download Report under the “Amount” column

Example 1: Eligible Partner  


Timeframe 1: October 9th 2013 – November 19th 2013

Timeframe 2: November 20st – December 31st 2013

In the example above, the partner drove $2,000 in WBR in Timeframe 1 and $6,000 in WBR in Timeframe 2. To qualify for the bonus, the partner had to increase Timeframe 1 WBR by 25%, making their Qualifying WBR Threshold $2,500. WBR generated that exceeds $2,500 during Timeframe 2 is considered eligible WBR. A 20% bonus is calculated on eligible WBR, meaning the partner will be receiving an additional $700 bonus payout.

Example 2: Ineligible Partner


In this example, the Partner only drove $2,300 in WBR in Timeframe 2. Because WBR in Timeframe 2 did not exceed the 25% increase over Timeframe 1, this partner does not qualify for a bonus.

In order to participate in the Holiday bonus promotion, you must opt-in by Nov 19th by clicking on the opt-in link below. You will be redirected to a secure form to input the name and email associated with your ePN account. Once you see the “thank you” landing page you have successfully opted in.

Click here to opt-in for the Holiday promotion

We’re excited to be able to offer this bonus opportunity for the Holidays! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us via our Contact Us form or by emailing, and we will be happy to assist you. Thank you for your continued partnership in our program and Happy Holidays!