Updates: RSS feeds and Impressions Reports

PostIt In the next week, we’ll be making updates to resolve a few technical issues that some of you have experienced recently.

We are aware that some publishers have had issues with the RSS feeds widget not allowing French and Italian language users to complete the form. The feeds are not affected, and manually editing previous RSS feed code can be used as a workaround to generate new feeds. We are working on correcting this, and will provide an update regarding when the fixes will take effect.

We have also found that the dashboard reports are providing misleading total impression counts since we switched to the new pricing model. While impressions were tracked correctly throughout the day and this inaccuracy did not affect earnings, there was an error that caused underreporting when viewing reports for previous days. We are updating these web reports to display all impressions in future reports (though this fix will not affect impression counts from before the update).

Thanks for your patience as we roll out these updates, and please let us know if you have any questions.