ePN TV: Erin Stoner on Best Practices for Working with Customer Support

Erin In this episode of ePN TV, Erin Stoner, Global Customer Support Manager at eBay Partner Network, talks about some of the most common customer support questions as well as how you can most efficiently work with her team to get issues resolved in a timely manner.

At the forefront of customer service for ePN, Erin is on top of all support questions. She says that some of the most common questions the team received in the past year centered around applications — from a rejected application due to a typo or a mismatch in business model selection, to using an old eBay logo or invalid links. Erin recommends reading through an application thoroughly to avoid any possible issues with submissions and approvals.

She also notes that when it comes to details, the more the better. Erin says that you can most effectively communicate with the customer support team by providing a very detailed description of your issue — including the browser used and any relevant tools or URLs — as well as any screen shots or videos that may help resolve the issue.

As Erin said, some issues may require several days for support to investigate and respond, but if you don’t receive a response within five days, feel free to reach out again to check the status of your query.

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