Extending the Timeframe for Transaction Adjustments

PostIt On March 3, eBay Partner Network put in place a change that extends the current transaction adjustments window from seven to 30 days and which will be visible to publishers starting in April.

As you know, ePN earnings are based on Winning Bid Revenue (WBR), which is the amount eBay earns when customers make purchases. WBR consists of seller fees such as insertion fees and final value fees, but for various reasons, not all seller fees settle right away. Sometimes adjustments are made days after the original purchase, and they show as additional entries in publisher transaction reports.

These adjustments can increase, reduce, or even eliminate WBR in the case of buyer returns or unpaid items. In the past, we only included adjustments made during the first seven days after a purchase. However, under the newly extended window affecting purchases from March 3 onward, adjustments within 30 days of the original purchase will be counted towards your WBR and earnings totals, and visible within your transaction reports starting in April.

Although some adjustments will increase earnings for many publishers, many others will see a slight decrease in earnings (i.e., the majority will see an earnings decrease of less than 5%) due to cancellations and returns. Adjustments will vary by publisher, depending on the volume of their cancellations and unpaid items.

We are introducing this change to increase the overall strength and productivity of the network. We believe that when a purchase is successful and eBay collects seller fees, publishers should receive all possible earnings from that purchase. But when a purchase is cancelled and eBay earns no revenue, it’s not practical to pay out commissions. Eliminating payments on cancellations and returns will help us fund more commissions for productive purchases that lead to incremental volume and new eBay buyers.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions. If you have questions, please contact us or email us at: epn-cs-english@ebay.com.