Rules of Engagement: Making Content Count

Typewriter565 Creating captivating content is more than simply stating facts or sharing information and hoping people read it. In a world where everything is faster paced by the minute, the key is finding ways to get — and keep — readers engaged, something that’s particularly important in the affiliate industry. Here are some tips to do just that.

May I Have Your Attention, Please?

The most important piece of any content is a strong headline. If visitors aren’t captured by it in seconds, then chances are they won’t bother reading the words that follow. According to, eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, while a mere two out of 10 will read the copy following it. This is why crafting an attention-grabbing, must-read-more headline is key. Some people find writing the headline before the meat of the content— but revising it along the way — works well, while others find that writing the entire copy first and crafting a captivating headline last works best. Find what headline-writing strategy works for you and don’t be afraid to tweak and re-tweak it.

Hold the Fluff

Likewise, if readers get through your headline, it’s vital to pique their interests each sentence thereafter so they will continue reading. Hence, don’t bury the important stuff. Get to the point early on in your copy so that they know what they’re reading and why. Readers get bored easily; don’t give them the chance to lose interest in what you have to say. Write with passion, provide interesting examples and paint a picture for them. And don’t be afraid to lose the fluff — if a word or a sentence doesn’t add value, nix it.

Standing Out  

As mentioned earlier, readers can lose interest in seconds. One way to keep their attention is to make your content easily scan-able. Breaking copy into short, easy-to-digest chunks with sub-headlines can make it seem less overwhelming. Lists and infographics that highlight key points are also effective ways to avoid content overload. Though we’re talking about the written word, images are a great way to complement your copy and give readers a visual of what you’re conveying. Using creative pictures — ones that get your point across at a glance — are ideal accompaniments to any content.

Now What?

Congratulations, your reader just read your entire post! Much like a headline leads the content in the right direction, the closing wraps it all up into a nice package. The last thing you want to do is leave them asking, “Now what?” So be sure to let readers know exactly what to do next with an effective call to action. Maybe you want them to learn more, complete a form or buy, tell them! Readers don’t want to work hard, and if you don’t get specific on how to take next steps, chances are they won’t.

Do you have any tried and true tips for writing effective, attention-grabbing content? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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