Focus on Mobile: Tips to Boost Email Conversions

MobileUpdate Lately we’ve been talking about mobile growth and the use of mobile-focused strategies as a way for our partners to tap into new revenue streams. As we mentioned in our previous blog post on the topic, nearly a quarter of the global population now owns a mobile device, presenting a big opportunity for marketers.

One of the key areas where affiliates can really move the needle is with email campaigns. Email is one of the most common activities performed via mobile, with 91% of smartphone users and 69% of tablet owners using their respective mobile devices to send and receive email (source).

Please note: You’ll need to get approval for a special business model with ePN before you start promoting via email. We’ve outlined the steps in detail at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few best practices to help get you started.

Keep Subject Lines Focused

With nearly two-thirds of all email opens taking place on mobile devices (source), this is a key entry point for ecommerce. To increase the likelihood that your email actually gets read, the first step is to examine your subject lines. Aim to keep your subject line copy between six to 10 words and under 50 characters, as a study from Retention Science found that this resulted in a 7% higher open rate than longer messages.

Other subject line considerations include identifying your company, hinting at the content inside and mentioning an offer. Focused, concise messages will help ensure that your entire subject is delivered and understood, rather than chopped due to mobile email client character constraints or disregarded due to irrelevance.

Be Accessible

Once you’ve passed the hurdle of getting the open and your message is in front of your mobile audience, focus on optimizing the email design for viewing across multiple mobile devices. This matters to your recipients: 83% of consumers say a seamless experience across all devices is somewhat or very important (source).

Mobile-optimized and responsive email templates will keep you on the right track to make sure that no matter what device your recipients are using, they’ll be able to enjoy a consistent experience. A design that lends itself to quick mobile scanning – by using appropriately sized header text, dividing lines and clear paragraph breaks are more appealing to mobile readers.

Be Personable

Approximately 64% of consumers report that they subscribe to brand emails, and 84% of those have made a purchase after receiving a brand email – for reasons ranging from deals offered to subtle reminders of something specific the recipient needed. To get to this point, put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

As you’ve likely experienced yourself, imagine them taking a few quick minutes during a busy, on-the-go day to scan their inbox. To grab and retain attention, it’s important to speak their language. This can be done by including personalized details like the recipient’s name, segmenting your audiences so each person receives the most relevant communications, and including other details like viewing or purchase history.

Streamline the Experience

After you’ve created your personalized, focused content, don’t let it go to waste by including other distractions. Multimedia additions like videos and large, slow-loading images can turn impatient users off, and some email clients may not automatically display images, leading to a disconnected experience for the recipient. On the other hand, identified links and clear calls to action will help get your email recipient to click through to your website.

While you’ll want to test your emails to see which strategies work best for your audiences, these are some considerations to get you started.

Applying for a Special Business Model

If you’re interested in promoting ePN directly within your emails, you’ll need to take a few quick steps to be approved for a special business model. To do this, complete the following for each domain:

  • Log into your ePN account, click the Referrers tab, add your domain and select “email” as your business model (Please note: If you have multiple special business model types, the system doesn’t allow the same domain to be added twice. To bypass this, add a variation of your domain name such as www. or https: instead of http:, for example.)
  • Click on the Account tab; click on the Business Model Applications sub-tab
  • The domains that require a business model application will appear on this page
  • Click on Create Application to view and complete the application
  • Make sure to include enough information and to answer all questions with as much detail as possible
  • Indicate specifically how your email list is generated, describe in detail how you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (or any other relevant email regulation that applies to your geography) and attach a sample email

How have you boosted the success of your mobile email campaigns? We’d love to hear your tips in the comments below.