Hot Electronics Launch: Samsung Galaxy S5

SamsungS5 The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most highly anticipated mobile phone launches in recent history, with the new smartphone receiving early praises for its superior display. On April 11, the smartphone will be available globally, and eBay is running a promotional campaign to spur sales through the end of May (Please note: the landing S5 landing page will go live on Aprill 11).

eBay is a top destination for buying and selling smartphones, offering unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphones for those who don’t want to lock into a phone carrier contract.

Buzz-generating launches like this offer a great opportunity for publishers to promote the latest mobile technology and accessories, and can help attract first-time buyers. You can expect buyers looking to upgrade to this latest release, as well as those taking advantage of the increased listings of lower-priced, previous generation models such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3.

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