Top Seven Reasons Publishers Choose eBay Partner Network


As many publishers have discovered, affiliate marketing can be a great way to monetize a website. If you’re thinking about joining an affiliate marketing program or researching program options, we’d like to share seven reasons why we think eBay Partner Network is worth considering. Join eBay Partner Network Now

1. An Established Global Program

eBay has been in existence since 1995 and has become the largest online marketplace with over 108 million active users around the world. Our affiliate program was established in 2001, offering our partners a mutually beneficial partnership for well over a decade. Wherever your visitors are located, you can unlock greater potential by driving traffic to 13 different global eBay websites, in a variety of languages and locales.

2. Unmatched Inventory

eBay is known for its wide range of inventory — with over 500 million items from cars to collectibles, and fashion to fitness. Our auctions, “Buy It Now” options and Daily Deals, as well as our broad product selection, allow 5 million sellers to sell nearly $70 billion of gross merchandise volume annually.

3. Competitive Commissions

ePN’s commissions are based on a transparent revenue share model, with the amount you earn based directly on the sales you drive to eBay. We pay commissions out on a monthly basis, and are resolute in paying our partners on time. Additionally, we offer 200 percent bonuses for referring new or reactivated buyers, for a robust revenue potential.

4. Bonus Promotions

We regularly run seasonal and category-specific promotions, giving you even more financial incentive to drive traffic — and giving visitors even more incentive to buy.

5. Responsive Communication, Support and Education

We have a number of communication channels to keep you up to date on the latest program news, industry tips and best practices, including this blog and our community forum, in addition to system messages, emails and a dedicated customer support staff. We often share articles and videos directly from ePN team members, so our partners stay on top of all the latest news and happenings.

6. Range of Tools

We offer a variety of tools, including custom banners, link generators, access to our API and more. Our tools can work for publishers who are just getting started to established marketers with dedicated development resources.

7. Forward Thinking

In any competitive niche industry, an open mind and willingness to grow is a must. We are constantly evaluating our processes and offerings and seeking feedback from our partners in order to stay competitive as one of the most sought-after affiliate networks in today’s fast-paced landscape. We welcome innovative ideas, companies and business models from those looking to partner with ePN in a variety of ways.

At eBay Partner Network, we value our partners and are always looking for ways to grow our program in mutually beneficial ways. For more information and to apply now, please visit eBay Partner Network.