ePN TV: Introducing Olivier Ropars, Senior Director, Global Internet Marketing

Olivier565 In our latest episode of ePN TV, we’d like to introduce you to Olivier Ropars, Senior Director, Global Internet Marketing at eBay. Olivier joined the team earlier this year, having previously led eBay’s mobile efforts for the European markets.

In this video, Brian Marcus, Director, Global eBay Partner Network, chats with Olivier about his new role at eBay. Olivier discusses his focus on optimizing the customer journey to eBay through key paid channels including affiliate marketing, display advertising, business development and paid search.

When asked what he sees as the biggest opportunity for eBay right now, Olivier notes that he’s interested in the continued integration of online and offline buying and selling, and is excited about collaborations between eBay and brick and mortar retail stores. Examples he touches on include the ability to purchase an item online and pick it up at a store as well as using mobile apps to get product information online while in a shop.

We also learn that Olivier recently got into the “bad habit” of collecting LEGO Minifigures on eBay with his children. As Olivier and his family relocated from London to Seattle for his new role, he promised his children one Minifigure a day to ease the transition process. He says now the whole family is hooked, and we’re interested to see how long they keep it going!

We hope you'll take a moment to welcome Olivier to his new role at eBay Partner Network in the comments below!

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